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Sugarcraft - Fondant Cutters

We stock a wide range of fondant - sugarcraft - cookie cutters.

Our cutters can be used for Edible and Non-Edible materials from Biscuit mixes, sugarpaste, marzipan, pastry and bread dough through to PMC or polymer craft clay.
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FMM FAIRYTALE Motifs Tappit Cutters

FMM FAIRYTALE Motifs Tappit Cutters£7.50   £7.00

FMM Sugarcraft The Easiest ROSE Ever' Cutter

FMM Sugarcraft The Easiest ROSE Ever' Cutter£6.95   £6.25

FMM UNICORN Cutter Sugarcraft Decorating

FMM UNICORN Cutter Sugarcraft Decorating£4.50   £4.25

Blossom Sugar Art DINOSAUR Cutter

Blossom Sugar Art DINOSAUR Cutter£1.95   £1.50

Sitting CAT Cookie Cutter

Sitting CAT Cookie Cutter£1.50


WEDDING DRESS Cookie Cutter£1.50

Yellow CROWN Cookie Cutter

Yellow CROWN Cookie Cutter£1.50

Cat Shaped Cookie Cutter

Cat Shaped Cookie Cutter£1.00

Christmas TREE Cookie Cutter

Christmas TREE Cookie Cutter£1.00

DUCK Fondant  Cookie Cutter

DUCK Fondant Cookie Cutter£1.00

Easter CHICK Cookie Cutter

Easter CHICK Cookie Cutter£1.00

FROG Cookie Cutter

FROG Cookie Cutter£1.00

OWL Fondant Cookie Cutter

OWL Fondant Cookie Cutter£1.00

PIG Fondant Cookie Cutter

PIG Fondant Cookie Cutter£1.00


SHOOTING STAR Cookie Cutter£1.00

SNOWMAN Cookie Cutter

SNOWMAN Cookie Cutter£1.00

SPIDER Cookie Cutter

SPIDER Cookie Cutter£1.00

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